🧠Our Ecosystem

Welcome to the $MFX world!

Moflix AI is a new video streaming platform that rewards users for watching video content. With Moflix AI, users can watch their favorite movies and TV shows and earn rewards paid in the $MFX


$MFX is a new cryptocurrency that has been developed specifically for the Moflix AI platform. The token is based on the BNB Chain blockchain, with its primary role being to reward users for their activity on the platform. It’s about watching videos and earning from them.

What makes us unique?

Unlike other video platforms, Moflix AI is built on the blockchain, which makes it a more secure, efficient, and transparent platform. Moflix also rewards users for their activity on the platform, giving them the incentive to engage with the platform and the content. It’s a truly community-centric project, with a proper know-how background and mission.

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